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Cycling - Daft Cycle Lanes

We’ve all seen examples of bad and ridiculous cycle lanes. We’ve all seen the websites dedicated to highlighting them and bringing them to the public’s attention. This is by no means a replica of those sites, it’s just yet another one! Read more...

Facility of the month
(I recommend November 2004)

Here are some links to other sites
Is there one in your area?
Please feel free to link to here yourself!

Darlington and Teesside
Great Yarmouth
Merton, London
Southend - A127 - NCN16
Prittle Brook Greenway


Not all problems are in the layout
Sometimes it's the fault of the signing
Here are some examples

Sustrans NCN


Of course, some are good ideas
but others are bad...

Good use of existing roads and signs
Over double the distance by road


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Here are some links to other pages you may find interesting.

Another site like this

Confessions of a Cycling Officer

A sustrans route As the reporter says, I think even from that low-res pic you can get an inkling of what a bugger it is to get your bike over the road that crosses the path behind those cyclists. You have to be a contortionist to get through some of the barriers, and of course the yobs on scramblers, scooters and quads that they're designed to repel just crash a hole in the bushes or fences at the side and ride on anyway.

A interesting letter from John Franklin to Sustrans
(Mr Franklin is registered as an Expert Witness in cycling skill and proficiency)

My experiences of some cycle paths in France

A note I penned after visiting Bordeaux. Concerned with the surface materials used.

Comment on cycle lanes on the BBC Related to the Public Consultation on a revised Highway Code

How to spot a cycle path being constructed in your area


Here are some of my experiences (well the ones I've written about) of some of the farcilities I've cycled on.

A day ride in Kent.

My experiences of some cycle paths in France


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